New iOS App Allows Women Track Their Menstrual Cycles and Sexual Health

Makers of the fertility app Glow have released a new iOS app called Ruby today. The app enables women track their menstrual cycles and sexual health without an obsessive in-your-face focus on pinpointing ovulation.

Jennifer Tye, VP of Partnerships and Marketing at Glow, said, “From launch, Glow has been focused on giving women more insight and control over their reproductive health. Ruby continues that mission, aiming to empower and educate women on a global scale”.

Tye stated that they have designed Ruby in such a way that it proves to be the essential health and sex app that is 100% focused on a particular person. Ruby offers everything ranging from sex advice to health tracking, birth control tips and an active and engaged community of support.

Women using the app can get information and advice from women going through the same thing. The app is like an older sister you could go to for anything and everything sex-related, Tye said. Below mentioned are few things one should known about Ruby:

• The new app ‘Ruby’ is Part Health Tracker, Part Social Network.

Ruby’s Anytime Log allows women to input information about their emotional states to physical symptoms. The app also ask questions such as: Do you have your period? Are you feeling stressed? Do you have cramps? Did you have unprotected sex?

• Birth Control Options Galore

Ruby contains a dedicated birth control section where women can learn about every type of birth control option.

• Sex Shouldn’t Be Taboo
Ruby also provides its users with candid conversations and information in order to make sex a comfortable topic of discussion.

• The Community

The app provides women with a safe space where they can ask question, no matter how WTF-worthy they are, and get useful answers.

• #TalkRubyToMe

Glow has partnered with nonprofit organization, Huru International, which provides menstrual hygiene products and sexual education to women in developing countries. Every mention of Ruby’s #TalkRubyToMe, Glow will donate a day’s supply of Huru products including environmentally-friendly and locally-produced reusable menstrual pads.