Texas lawmakers want more autonomy for the state

Texas lawmakers want more autonomy for the state

State lawmakers in Texas are once again preparing to push back against federal government's alleged continued overreach. State lawmakers have already filed more than a dozen bills touching various issues ranging from guns to the 10th Amendment.

They are calling on the federal government to do the whole lot from repaying the costs the state incurred for dealing with illegal immigrants to abolishing the income tax system.

Cal Jillson, a professor of political science at Dallas' Southern Methodist University, noted that some state believe that the federal government should remain committed to interstate commerce and foreign relations, and states should be given control of everything inside their borders.

Speaking on the topic, Prof. Jillson said, "This is a recurring theme in Texas history, going all the way back to the early years of statehood. The Southern perspective is that the federal government is responsible for interstate commerce and foreign relations and states are in charge of everything inside the state's borders."

Thus, a number of lawmakers in the state have filed measures to limit the abilities of the federal government to dictate what happens in the state.

Matt Krause, a Republican from Fort Worth, said Texans are fed up with the federal government's inefficiency and ineptitude. Thus, they want the state to get away from the federal government. He stressed that Texans needed to figure out a way to live as autonomously as possible.