President Barack Obama Enjoys Golf Vacation

President Barack Obama had a great long weekend in Southern California with his childhood friends. On Monday, the group returned to the Porcupine Creek golf course in Rancho Mirage, California. It is the same place where they played golf on Sunday.

After having a short flight from San Francisco, Obama reached in the desert resort area of Palm Springs on Saturday morning. He then went to the golf course on the grounds of the Sunnylands retreat. He played many rounds of the game with his childhood friends, Bobby Titcomb, Marty Nesbitt and Greg Orme, from Hawaii, who came to meet the President.

During the weekend, Obama did not have any public event scheduled, which acted as a great opportunity for the President to relax and enjoy. It was expected that Obama would spend some time playing golf, as he has done on visits to this area in the past two years.

Obama left from Sunnylands after about five and a half hours and took rest at the nearby home of interior designer Michael Smith, where Obama was staying for the weekend. It now seems that Obama has become a regular at Sunnylands retreat.

Smith has redecorated the Oval Office for Obama. The Saturday visit of the president was his fourth to the estate, which was once owned by the late publishing tycoon Walter Annenberg. Obama visited the place for the first time when he invited Chinese President Xi Jinping there for two days of talks.

This vacation was without Obama’s family. The timing of Obama's golf vacation was considered to be perfect, as weather conditions were great. At the end of the day, Obama wished his wife a happy Valentine's Day and she also tweeted the same and photograph to him later in the day.