Lumber Liquidators to bear Cost of Safety Testing of Laminate Floors

Lumber Liquidators to bear Cost of Safety Testing of Laminate Floors

Virginia-based Retailer of hardwood flooring Lumber Liquidators said that it is going to pay for the safety testing of laminate floors for customers in order to help ease concerns.

Toano, Virginia, company has grown to become one of the largest retailers of hardwood flooring in the US. The company has discussed about the issues raised following a '60 Minutes' report. According to the report, laminate flooring of the company that was made in China had high levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogen.

Earlier this month, it has been said that laminate flooring of the company did not meet California's standards. But according to Lumber Liquidators, it fulfills all regulations for its products.

CEO Rob Lynch of Lumber Liquidators said that they are sure about their products. All products are safe and none of them pose significant health or safety issues. Lynch also said that they will never put customer health or safety at risk. The company said in a regulatory filing ahead of its business update with investors that customers are expected to show concerns as sensationalized reports present little context.

"We are incensed that individuals with a financial agenda can orchestrate a campaign against us regarding the safety of our product and cause a portion of our customer base undue concern", said Lynch.

According to Lumber Liquidators, customers are going to receive the indoor air quality test kits and these kits will be of the same quality utilized by federal officials to test workplace exposure. It has been notified that up to now, the testing kit has been requested by less than 1,000 customers.

The company said that if tests show high levels of formaldehyde then it will pay for further testing and possibly also for reinstallation of flooring.