'Extremely Dangerous' Mile-Wide Tornado touches down in North-Central Texas

'Extremely Dangerous' Mile-Wide Tornado touches down in North-Central Texas

The National Weather Service said that a mile-wide tornado has touched down in north-central Texas as a storm system has swept through along with large hail and damaging winds. The service has promised more severe weather on Monday.

According to online reports compiled from local power companies, the storm knocked out the power to over 30,000 people in Texas. Austin Energy was reported to be most affected, with 7,600 without power.

Emergency Management Director Jamie Moore told NBC News that firstly the tornado moved through the town of Rio Vista, and then moved east into rural parts of Johnson County. He said that when the tornado was firstly spotted, it was about a mile wide.

According to the weather service, the twister was spotted about 10:44 p. m. near Covington and near Cleburne State Park, which is about 25 miles south of Fort Worth. The service said that people are going through a particularly dangerous situation.

According to The Weather Channel, Johnson County Emergency Management reported that semi-trailer trucks got overturned, roofs were blown off, and roads were flooded.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth said that the agency had also reported damage near the Rio Vista area, and said that the crew would be assessing the scale of the damage on Monday.

The Weather Channel reported that reports of tennis ball-size hail came from the areas near Glen Rose and Dinosaur Valley State Park, whereas, softball-size hail damaged many vehicles near Stephenville.

In the southern Johnson County roads got blocked. Some damage, including missing roofs, was also reported in Rio Vista, but so far the full extent is not clear.

Johnson County Sheriff Deputy Casey Torrey said that deputies have been sent out checking on damage reports. Torrey said that they have received no immediate reports of any injuries.