Three people die due to Record-setting Rains

Three people die due to Record-setting Rains

Record-setting rains disturbed the lives of Texas and Oklahoma residents. According to reports by the National Weather Service, the rainfall on Sunday across the southern Plains caused floods in dry riverbeds. In addition, the rains killed three people and destroyed hundreds of homes in Oklahoma and Texas.

The National Weather Service said that the threat is still there. Even a small amount of new rain could be very dangerous for residents. Rainfall of about one or two inch will quickly lead to more flash flooding concerns, the weather service reported.

The record amounts of rainfall destroyed about 400 homes in Hays County, which is located on the Edwards Plateau in Texas. Emergency management coordinator, Kharley Smith, said there are some streets in the county that just have only one or two houses left on them.

According to the reports, the rainfalls damaged over 1,000 homes in the county, while two main bridges were washed away. The weather service said, “Thunderstorms could dump 1 to 3 more inches of rain there on Monday -- 5 inches in isolated areas”.

One resident of San Marcos died due to the rainfalls on Sunday, while the bad weather slowed down the rescue operations for mission people. Rescue workers used helicopters to save residents off the rooftops of buildings near flood lakes. The city’s Blanco River shot past its flood record of 33.3 feet to a new one of 40.21 feet.

According to the reports, about 200 miles northeast of Hays County, a place of about four hundred homes around Louis Creek Dam is currently under mandatory evacuation. The rainfalls killed two people in Oklahoma. On Saturday, a woman in Tulsa died after her car hydroplaned, the reports stated. In Claremore, a man died when he was caught into a storm.