15-Month-Old Chocolate Staffordshire Mix becomes Victim of Animal Abuse

A 41-year-old North Charleston man was arrested this Monday, on charges of animal torture. According to the reports, the man allegedly taped the muzzle of a 15-month-old dog with electrical tape.

Caitlyn, a 15-month-old chocolate Staffordshire mix, was a friendly and popular stray in the neighborhood. On last Wednesday, a Chicora Cherokee neighbor of the 41-year-old William Leonard Dodson, discovered the dog in the pitiable condition. Caitlyn showed up at the neighbor’s house with her mouth tightly shut, as reported by the Charleston Animal Society.

The veterinarians are struggling to save the dog’s tongue, blood flow to which was cut due to the tape. Presently, the pit bull puppy mix is undergoing hyperbaric and cold laser treatment to save damaged tissue in her mouth. The doctors fear that the dog could lose her tongue, causing a permanent disfigurement of her mouth.

Aldwin Roman, Director of Anti-Cruelty & Outreach at the Charleston Animal Society, repulsively said, “This is the most malicious case of animal abuse I have seen in my entire career”.

The terrible plight of Caitlyn, took the online social media by storm. It also led the Humane Society of the United States to announce a $5,000 reward, which helped in nabbing the ruthless animal tormentor, Dodson.

However, on a positive note, the puppy showed signs of progress over the weekend. On Sunday, she received a small surgery on her lip and went back to eating normal food. The doctors have yet not scheduled an operation for her tongue, but are doing their best to save the dog.