Pharmacy worker shoots colleague, commits suicide in Houston

Police officials said that a pharmacy worker in the city of Houston first shot dead a female colleague and then committed suicide on Wednesday.

It is believed that the shooter was trying to have a romantic relationship with his colleague at the pharmacy building that is part of the Ben Taub General Hospital complex. The shooting occurred at 2:15 p. m. at the building and seven other employees and two customers were present at the crime scene but no one else was hurt.

Houston police spokesman John Cannon that the other employees saw the shooting but the two customers did not witness the shootings as they were in other parts of the pharmacy. The shooter was a 58 year old man, who walked into the building and shot the women several times at point-blank range, before committing suicide.

The shooter was pronounced dead at the scene while the victim died 10 minutes later. The police have not revealed the names as they are in process of notifying the families.

Authorities are reviewing security video taken during the incident and have also recovered a 9-millimeter handgun from the scene. The shooting did not affect hospital trauma or emergency services, according to the police officials.