Different Opinions on Dallas’ Plastic Bag Law

Different Opinions on Dallas’ Plastic Bag Law

In order to reduce litter from discarded bags, the Dallas City Council has come up with a new rule in which shopping bags will be charged. On Thursday, store employees and customers were all set to implement this new rule.

Workers were properly explained how they have to add 5-cent-per bag charge to customer's bill if they choose the option to have plastic bag. Workers need to scan a bar code for each single-use bag, paper or plastic, which a customer needs.

Majority of the customers did not complain about the new rule and some did pay money for the bag. There were many who have brought their own bags and there were some who have skipped both the options and walked out holding things in their hands.

American Progressive Bag Alliance, an industry group, did not like the change. It organized a drive in collect about 800,000 signatures with a motive to overturn the state's plastic bag law. "Dallas is needlessly limiting a 100 percent recyclable product that comprises less than 0.5 percent of municipal waste", said a written statement from the industry group.

Many other places are tackling the same issue. Hawaii is on track to have a de facto statewide ban and all the counties are supporting it.