Manhunt for escaped killers focuses on camp near prison

Manhunt for escaped killers focuses on camp near prison

The search for two killers who broke out of a New York prison over two weeks ago has been shifted to two locations more than 300 miles apart.

As per reports, police focused their attention to an area approximately 20 miles west of the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY, after their manhunt in an area along the Pennsylvania border earlier in the day. The murderers, David Sweat and Richard Matt, broke out of the Clinton facility.

According to CNN, the search is now focused on Owl Head in Franklin County and a command post has also been established there and police have arrived there with ATVs. As per reports, a camp in the Owl Head area burgled and a person was seen running away from the camp.

According to the Vermont State police, the New York State Police asked for the help of Vermont's Tactical Support Unit, however it is not yet clear whether the SWAT team was deployed.

Earlier Sunday, the search was focused close to Friendship, N.Y., which is over 350 miles from Dannemora. The search has been focused over there since a local resident told authorities that she saw two men walking along railroad tracks who looked similar to the description of Sweat and Matt.

According to Maj. Michael Cerretto of the New York State Police, "We will continue to search this area until all leads have been exhausted. As we have in other areas of the state, we will search under every rock, behind every tree and structure, until we are confident that that area is secure".