Thieves steal Raiders’ thousands of dollars worth of equipment

The North Dallas Raiders suffered a huge jolt over the weekend when thieves broke into their van and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The thieves broke into the football team's van when the team was celebrating its regional championship victory at a Main Event in San Antonio on Sunday. The thieves made off with the players' uniforms, shoulder pads and many other things.

Confirming the theft, the team's athletic director Dante Ratcliff said, "It's huge. It was a lot of effort, time, and fundraising. A lot of things were put into the money to get that equipment, and it's going to be hard to get that back."

Apart from uniforms and shoulder pads, the players also lost numerous personal belongings, birth certificates, report cards as well as waivers with parent signatures that allow them to play.

The North Dallas Raiders is part of a non-profit group called the North Dallas Youth Program. As the team relies heavily on donations to meet its expenses, it will now have to find a way to raise more money to cope with the heavy loss.