San Antonio still in hunt for Raiders: city officials insist

San Antonio officials have insisted that they are still in hunt for the Oakland Raiders, even as the team's owner Mark Davis has reportedly decided to stay in the Bay Area for one more year.

According to some recent media reports, Davis has plans to extend the team's lease at the outdated O. co Coliseum for another year.

But, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Richard Perez said the city was still advancing with its efforts to bring the team to the city. Perez is one of the few local leaders who have held a meeting with Davis about the team's potential relocation to San Antonio.

Making similar claims, former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros said, "The on-going discussions between San Antonio and the Raiders continue with almost daily exchanges of business points. The Raiders … have not altered their positions that San Antonio is a viable alternative."

Reports also suggest that NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell has informed teams that no franchise would move to Los Angeles before 2016. The list of franchises that have been mentioned as candidates for moving to the city includes the Raiders, San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams.

The San Diego Chargers is the only team of the above mentioned three that has already declared that it will play at least one more season in San Diego.