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Simon Property Group bids for Macerich

Simon Property Group bids for Macerich

A hostile bid of $16 billion has been launched by Simon Property Group.

GM to repurchase $5 billion shares to resolve proxy fight

Automotive giant General Motors will purchase $5 billion shares stock and will be returning cash worth $20 billion to shareholders over the next few years.

Global Warming and Climate Change set to Increase at Peak Rates

A study published in the journal Nature Climate Change has unveiled that the level of global warming and climate change will increase to such an extent that has never been seen earlier in 1,000 years.

Apple will unveil its Watch smartwatch at March 9 event

At its March 9-scheduled 'Spring Forward' event in San Francisco, US tech major Apple will be unveiling its much-anticipated Apple Watch smartwatch.

Goldman Sachs’ poor performance in stress tests concerns analysts and investors

Stress test results of Federal Reserve are putting an important profit source of Goldman Sachs at risk as the bank performed poorly compared to other big banks.

Astronomers find new evidence of Earth-like planet outside Solar System

According to reports, astronomers have found evidence of an earth-like planet outside the solar system of earth, which means that extraterrestrial life may exist.

Apple’s patent application describes waterproofing method for cellphones

Apple’s patent application describes waterproofing method for cellphones

In an evident indication that Apple is exploring the 'waterproofing' feature for its new iPhone, a recently-filed patent by the company describes different waterproofing methods for the iPhone, iPad a

US Senator urges FAA to implement cyber security upgrades

US Senator urges FAA to implement cyber security upgrades

In a letter sent out to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Sunday, US Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) has warned that the agency's computer system may be at potential risk of cyber atta

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Government Issues Advisory on Palcohol

The Alcohol Beverages Control Commission has issued an advisory two days after Palcohol, a powered alcohol received approval.

Palcohol on Thursday received approval from a federal regulatory agency, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade...

Science Stories

NASA successfully launches mission to explore more about magnetic reconnection

NASA has successfully launched four spacecraft to gather more information about magnetic reconnection, which releases massive amount of energy. The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission was launched from Cape Canaveral using United Launch...