Historic Houston Club building imploded

Historic Houston Club building imploded

The historic eighteen-storey Houston Club building was turned into a pile of steel and concrete rubble on Sunday, as property owner is preparing to construct a new building at the site.

Construction workers imploded the historic club building situated at 811 Rusk near Capitol early morning yesterday. Skanska USA Commercial Development had been preparing for months to demolish the historic building by removing asbestos and brick.

Speaking about the demolition, a resident named Rick Sonora said, "I remember as a kid, my father brought me out, so I wanted to return the favor to my kids."

Water main break troubles commuters & households in southwest Houston

Water main break troubles commuters & households in southwest Houston

A break in main water line in southwest Houston kept more than a dozen crew members with the city's Public Works Department busy for several hours on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The break occurred in a 20-inch main at the intersection of Airport Boulevard and Bob White Drive in front of a Metro bus stop at Southwest Houston in the Westbury neighborhood.

City spokesperson Alvin Wright said the break collapsed the sidewalk and sent water pouring out of the ground and down the street for several blocks in all the directions in the area.

Venomous cobra on the loose in Southern California

Venomous cobra on the loose in Southern California

California animal control officials have cautioned that a venomous albino cobra, which has already bit a dog, is on the loose in a southern part of the state.

Animal control officer Alfred Aguirre from Los Angeles County said that the dangerous reptile was roaming in the community of Thousand Oaks after biting a dog in the neighborhood on Monday. The dog has fortunately recovered after the bite.

Issuing the warning, Los Angeles County officials said in a statement, "This is a venomous and very dangerous animal that the public should not approach for any reason."

Maine’s tiny city Caribou faces secessionist movement

Maine’s tiny city Caribou faces secessionist movement

A group of Maine's Caribou city residents have launched a movement to break away from the northern Maine city that is closer to Quebec City than Portland.

Caribou is a small city with a population of less than 8,000 people, but it is equipped with an airport, a recreation center, groomed snowmobile trails and other amenities of the modern world, which prompted many people to accuse the city government of excessive spending.

Maine wardens find body of missing swimmer in Kennebec River

Maine wardens find body of missing swimmer in Kennebec River

Maine Wardens on Friday found the body of the young swimmer who was reported missing on Thursday night.

The Maine Warden Service said its crews found the body of 21-year-old Jordan Cummings of Anson in the Kennebec River. Cummings had gone for swimming in the river with some of his friends on Thursday night.

Firefighters from Anson and Madison, along with the Maine wardens, as well as Somerset County sheriff's deputies were on scene almost immediately.

Maine churches selling properties as attendance declines

Surplus of under-utilized buildings due to a notable decline in church attendance is prompting many Maine Catholic churches to sell off some of their properties.

The Diocese of Portland has so far put as many as 20 churches, convents, rectories as well as schools on the market. Since the start of last year, the diocese has sold nearly a dozen of properties for around $2.4 million.

Maine hot air balloon that hit power lines is owned by Damn Yankee Balloons

The hot air balloon that crashed into power lines in Massachusetts last Saturday, injuring as many as five people, is owned by balloon operator Damn Yankee Balloons of Dixfield, Maine.

The crash occurred at 7:40 p.m. on Saturday, when the balloon Raspberry Ripple was trying to land in a residential area in Clinton, north of Worcester County. But, it struck the power lines, setting off an explosion.

Two of the passengers of the balloon sustained severe burns, while another three passengers suffered minor injuries. There were a total of six people in the balloon.

Camper rollover jams traffic for over 5 hours on I-95 in Fairfield

Camper rollover jams traffic for over 5 hours on I-95 in Fairfield

A huge camper rolled over on Interstate 95 (I-95) in Fairfield and kept southbound traffic jammed for more than five on Sunday, July 20, 2014.

The 32-foot brand-new Hornet camper, which was largely wooden, was being towed by an elderly man from Brunswick with a pickup truck in the southbound lane near mile marker 134 when the accident happened at around 10:30 a. m. yesterday.

According to state police dispatcher the unidentified man who was towing the camper suffered minor injuries. The man was treated by Delta Ambulance Co. workers at the scene.

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