Iron Rain Helped in Formation of Earth’s Core: Study

A letter titled “Impact vaporization of planetesimal cores in the late stages of planet formation”, published on March 2, 2015, by Nature Geoscience, has reported the findings about iron rain.

Chile's Villarrica volcano erupts

The Villarrica volcano is located in southern Chile started spewing out lava and ash early Tuesday morning.

Astronomers observe Mysterious and Dusty A1689-zD1 Galaxy

Astronomers observed extremely far objects in the space to look back into ancient times.

Archaeologists Announce Discovery of Untouched Ruins of Vanished culture

An announcement about the discovery of the untouched ruins of a disappeared culture has been made by archaeologists.

Goblin Shark found off Australia’s southeast Coast

Goblin shark often described as 'alien of the deep' has been found off Australia. The shark was transported to the Australian Museum.

Venus's Y-shape Mystery solved

According to researchers, mystery behind Y-shape on Venus has been solved.

Researchers obtain First Images of Smallest Bacteria on Earth

First detailed microscopic images of 'ultra-small bacteria' are representing the lowest possible size for life on earth.

Study finds link between Activity of the Sun and Sea Temperatures

In a new study, researchers have suggested that there is a connection between the sun's activity and earth's sea temperatures.

Interesting Stories

Government Issues Advisory on Palcohol

The Alcohol Beverages Control Commission has issued an advisory two days after Palcohol, a powered alcohol received approval.

Palcohol on Thursday received approval from a federal regulatory agency, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade...

Science Stories

New Metal Motor could help Develop Terminator-like Robot

Researchers have recently developed a self-propelled liquid metal motor that could give rise to the creation of a robot like T-1000, the robot seen in Hollywood movie Terminator 2. The first liquid metal robot of the world was developed by...