Scientists trace Origins of 17th Century African Slaves

Scientists trace Origins of 17th Century African Slaves

About three centuries ago, three Africans had died in slavery on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Now, scientists have traced them back to their homelands.

New York revises Plans to reduce Mute Swan Population

New York has revised its plans to reduce population of mute swans, the majestic white water birds.

Global Warming and Climate Change set to Increase at Peak Rates

A study published in the journal Nature Climate Change has unveiled that the level of global warming and climate change will increase to such an extent that has never been seen earlier in 1,000 years.

UK To Witness Two Solar Eclipse This Year

The United Kingdom will witness solar eclipse twice this year. The first eclipse is due on March 20. The eclipse due this month last occurred in 1999.

Astronomers find new evidence of Earth-like planet outside Solar System

According to reports, astronomers have found evidence of an earth-like planet outside the solar system of earth, which means that extraterrestrial life may exist.

Natural History Museum to launch Barrier Reef virtual dive later this month

The Natural History Museum in London is going to organize a Barrier Reef virtual dive later this month.

After Menopause, Killer Whales Become Key Leaders in Their Pods: Study

Female killer whales experience menopause, but the reason behind it is very much up for debate.

Sarah Brightman Starts Training to Perform In Space

Opera singer Sarah Brightman recently revealed that she is nowadays undergoing through 16 hours of training a day. She said that this training is part of her mission to perform in space.

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Government Issues Advisory on Palcohol

The Alcohol Beverages Control Commission has issued an advisory two days after Palcohol, a powered alcohol received approval.

Palcohol on Thursday received approval from a federal regulatory agency, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade...

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New Metal Motor could help Develop Terminator-like Robot

Researchers have recently developed a self-propelled liquid metal motor that could give rise to the creation of a robot like T-1000, the robot seen in Hollywood movie Terminator 2. The first liquid metal robot of the world was developed by...